Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Several other series

Reality Bytes is not the only feature that exists on SMC90.com Here are some of the other less known ones.

FT (or Free Time) is another series I have that is updated when I can't think of any ideas for RB, or I just have a random idea. So by that, I mean its a random comic with no specific plot.

I had other comics besides RB and FT, but they didn't work out that well. Another feature that will grow big in the future is the Tutorial section. I might post tutorials on this blog, but most likley, you will find the best tutorials directly on my site. I haven't updated that section in some time, so stay posted for an upcoming comic post on the tutorial page.

The extra section isn't udpated as much as it should be, but it has some wallpapers you might find to your liking.

Moving away from my site and all...Get DS LITE NOW! If you have the original or don't have one or you actually bought a PSP (*cough* gamer tool *cough*). It's white, awesome looking and has a insane bright @** screen. But the D-Pad is crazy. It feels just like an anolog stick but its even better. Seriously this is the best control pad ever made, and after DS LITE, we may not have D-PADS anymore, so experiance it while you can.

And Strong Bad made a new email! Yes its random but I love homestar runner and how can you resist the master of random when they update?!

I'm done now.

SMC90 :D


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