Monday, July 03, 2006

First post

Yes thats right... , I've started a blog... Has SMC gone nutty?!?! Just a few months ago, I said I was making a feature page so that I could host my own version of one and now THIS!!! Well, hosting my own feature page (blog really) was a mistake because I had no CLUE as how to design this kind of page correctly. So this is the SMCAST the special place for everything else that doesn't fit on Here is a preview of some of the things I may mention in no paticular order.

1: Future projects like new comics, animations or events that keep my from doing stuff like that...

2: Ideas about design will end up in the SMCAST. If you want to know where SMC90 is going in the future, this will be the place to go for it.

I am trying to keep this blog specific to events with SMC90 but that may not always be the case, as my life has a big shelf in my world. ^_^. So if I see any events that are worth mentioning, I will be sure to bring them up. And now for the most important thing of all! When I say
worth mentioning, thats all I mean! You wont see stupid posts like (unfortunatley) 98% of blogs that say "HEY GUYZ I JUST ATE A SANDWHICH!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!" if its an update, its hopefully gonna see something worth skimming through.

Well thats the first post. Stay tuned to the new SMCAST for more information and stay with SMC90 for more new content and expansion. Thats all for now.



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